Turkey Meatballs….errr…nevermind….


Sometimes recipes, like life, don’t go the way you planned. Good God that sounds pretentious! Let me take a minute to stop laughing.

But actually, I had planned to make Turkey Meatballs. Ground turkey, diced green onion, diced yellow onion, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, egg, salt and a healthy amount of oregano. It will be fine without the breadcrumbs! I’ve got egg as a binder! Fine, I tell you! Fine!

No. When it became obvious that the meatballs had failed I scraped them into a saute pan, broke them up (they had retained a bit of their shape), added marinara and let it simmer. I served it all on spaghetti squash.

I did have to explain to my son, who was the requester of meatballs, about the miserable failure that results when you don’t add breadcrumbs to turkey meatballs. As every person in the house wolfed the alternative, I’d have to say it was success. I just took a different route to get there.


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