Summer Squash and Corn Soup


I stole this recipe. There. I said it. We went out last week and I had a Summer Squash and Corn Soup that so good I had to steal it. Had to I tell you! To be honest, mine wasn’t as good, but it was still pretty damn good. I had actually thought of asking the restaurant for their recipe, but was afraid that too forward.

So I made this up.

1 large summer squash, peeled and diced

3 ears corn

1/2 pound yukon gold creamer potatoes, roughly chopped

32 oz organic chicken stock

salt, pepper, dried thyme, olive oil


At first I was just going to use frozen corn, because I’ve got some on hand, but the corn is in season right and so good when it’s fresh. I bought 3 ears, trimmed off the excess husk and silk at the top of the ear (but left the rest of the husk on) and set it to soak in cold water for about an hour. I grilled it, 8 minutes on a side, and then it let cool enough to handle. Once cool I cut it off the cob.


Very lightly saute the summer squash in a splash of olive oil, then add the potatoes. Stir to coat, and add corn and as much thyme as you’d like. I like a lot. I think I put in about 2 teaspoons. Like I said, I really like thyme.  Add chicken stock and simmer till the potatoes are tender. Use a  blender to puree the soup (I use an immersion blender).  If you want you could add a little cream or milk to make it creamier, but with yukon potatoes you don’t really need it.

So here’s where I needed help: I simmered the soup quite a while to get the potatoes nice and tender enough to puree, but I still ended up with the germ of the corn kernels still being a bit crunchy. The soup at the restaurant was perfectly smooth, so how did they do it?

But despite having a bit of a “crunch” the soup was awesome.  Husband J ended up taking most of the leftovers, providing him with lunches for several days.

If anyone has suggestions for what to do about the crunch problem, please let me know in the comments.

@ParagarysMidtown chime in!



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