Pizza with artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes and feta


This Mother’s Day I treated myself to new cookbook on my Kindle. Cookbooks on the Kindle are difficult, because the screen shuts down, but that’s only a mild annoyance, and the instant gratification of a new cookbook without waiting for shipping is worth it. Being as it’s spring/summer here in California I’m wanting Greek/French/Italian/Moroccan right now (or least something with those flavors).


The Mediterranean Table is a nice collection of recipes with a  warm, sunny feeling. I’ve already bookmarked a few. Ok, 22.  First up is the Flatbread Pizza with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts and Feta. Only….well….I wanted real pizza crust. So I’m making mine with fresh pizza dough that I bought this afternoon. (Note: There’s a recipe for whole wheat pizza dough in the book but I didn’t want pizza dough badly enough to make it myself).


Also…I added Greek seasoning, because, why not?  Spicely  Organics sells a teeny size (I’m sure that’s the official term) of their Greek Seasoning. There’s no salt, msg, or anything weird. And, oh my, I might have found something to replace my Italian seasoning addiction. I sprinkled some on the tomatoes before I added them to the pizza, and then sprinkled more over the top.


Et voila, the finished product. Pizza in the cat iron pan is really easy and you can put as many toppings on as you want because the pan will keep them from spilling. (Next time I think I’ll add something green. I don’t know what, but it needs something green). We had a glass of J Bookwalter Foreshadow Merlot 2012 with it.


Has anyone tried pizza on the grill? Asking for a friend who now has a really hot house and doesn’t want to turn on the air conditioning. I’ve seen pizza stones for the grill for sale, but I really don’t want to buy something. Maybe next time I’ll try it in the cast iron pan, on the grill.






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