Blueberry Crisp


I spent Friday volunteering at my son’s school only to discover, at 2:30, that I was also supposed to bring a dessert to the dance that night. As in, 3 hours from then. But did I panic? Well, ok, I might have panicked a little bit, but then I got down to business. I found this recipe for Easy Blueberry Crisp on Pinterest. We always have frozen organic blueberries on hand because Husband J uses them in his breakfast smoothies and son j likes them, still frozen, on his cereal in the morning. Everything else was just the basics that I’m willing to bet everyone has: flour, brown sugar, rolled oats, butter, salt and cinnamon. I threw a little nutmeg in there as well.


I also decided to throw in another little twist: lemon juice.


I mixed about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in with the blueberries and I think it really worked. I managed to beg out of attending the dance, Husband J went instead and said the crisp was a big hit. In fact, he said it was gone…like completely gone, almost immediately. So “Mom win” for me! (I don’t get too many of those)

Meanwhile, I was at home watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and drinking wine. A win in so many ways.

A few notes:

This would be great with homemade 3-ingredient ice cream or whipped cream.

Since the crisp topping would be great on almost any fruit I’m going to make a batch or two of the topping and store it in the freezer for when something great  goes on sale. Also, you’ve been warned that if you come over for dinner you’re probably getting this for dessert. 

It’s got oats and it’s got blueberries – it’s basically blueberry oatmeal! Go ahead, have it for breakfast. And now I’m up for the “worst mom ever” award….


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