Strawberry ice cream, the easy way


Ok, well, the really easy way is to just buy some, but this is the second easiest way. I found this ice cream recipe on Pinterest about two years ago and I make it quite a bit. Here’s the only caveat: it requires a bit of advance planning. I don’t usually crave ice cream, but when I do, I want it NOW. But if you can think ahead for dessert, this is a winner. It is, in fact, idiot proof.

2 cups heavy whipping cream (I like Strauss organic)

1 can sweetened condensed milk (I like California Farms Organic)

Whip the cream, fold in the sweetened condensed milk pop in freezer and voila! Ice cream in a few hours, but I usually like to let it set overnight. If you have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer with the whip attachment it’s even easier.


It actually makes quite a bit, so I like to use 2 or 3 containers and have one plain (vanilla-y goodness) and other flavors.

A few of my favorites:

a splash of mint extract and chopped up Ghirardelli chocolate chips

toasted slivered almonds, Ghirardelli chocolate, coconut flakes (I’m a fan of Woodstock’s) and a splash of organic coconut extract (Almond Joy ice cream!)

cocoa powder, either Dagoba or Ghirardelli – add to taste the BEST chocolate ice cream you will ever have

But this weekend is all about strawberries, and there’s no sense letting in-season strawberries sit in the fridge and go bad.  Washed, sliced and into one of the containers they went. I used about 3/4 of a pound. When the ice cream’s done we’ll know if I used enough (there’s no way possible to use too many). I put it in the freezer at about 11, so there’s always the possibility of it being done by tonight. It’s nice sunny, warm day so we might just get strawberry ice cream to eat in the sunshine before the next storm system rolls in.



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