After another couple of heavy storms it is officially spring in Central California and that means the strawberries start heading into the stores and farmers markets. I picked up 3 pounds of organic California-grown strawberries this week with all sorts of things in mind.

Tonight we had grilled chicken (prepped only with olive oil) sliced and tossed onto a bed of organic spinach, and topped with sliced strawberries dressed with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt, pepper and crumbled goat cheese. No, I did not come up with this myself – I got the basics of the recipe from the April issue of Self, subbed goat cheese for the feta that the recipe called for (because I didn’t want to buy it, and I wanted to make sure I used up that goat cheese before it went to waste).

I was out of regular balsamic vinegar (and I thought that my pomegranate vinegar would clash horribly with the strawberries) so I picked up another bottle.


This is actually made by Lucero, but it’s really reasonably priced (like $6.98 reasonable, seriously).  It’s my husband’s favorite for salads, and we go through so much you’d think we were bathing in it. Have you ever had sliced strawberries tossed with balsamic vinegar and black pepper? Amazing. It actually makes a really good dessert, but works just as well with salad or as in tonight’s dinner, chicken.

But the strawberries won’t be here forever – get ’em while they’re good.


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