My new drink of choice

As I’ve mentioned to nearly everyone, even complete strangers, I’ve given up alcohol for Lent. No, I am not Catholic. Yes, if you want to hang out with me it’s annoying. No, I do not mind if you have a drink.  Since I know that Friday early-evening is when I would normally have a glass of wine while relaxing or starting dinner, I’ve been buying myself these Rebbl Tonic drinks to have instead.  My favorite is the Ashwagandha Chai – it’s the perfect mix of slightly sweet and spicy/peppery. Oh, and you can’t taste the Ashwagandha at all, which, trust me, is a good thing. Ashwagandha, if you didn’t know, is an Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb – it’s great for stress. Know what stresses me out? Not having a damn glass of sauvignon blanc on a perfect spring evening! But I’ve got my chai drink so that’s a nice treat instead.

I’ve also had the Maca Mocha and the Maca Cold-Brew because I’ve been trying desperately to cut down on the Venti Whole Milk Lattes. Today I picked up 2 new-for-me flavors: Turmeric Golden-Milk and Reishi Chocolate. I got the Turmeric one because I’ve taken Turmeric in the past for my skin and it’s seemed to help (I know in theory that giving up alcohol will eventually make my skin look better, but alas, such is not the case right now). The Reishi Chocolate is a stretch for me, because honestly, unless they’re the white button variety mushrooms really freak me out.

Where I shop they’re  3.68 (plus crv) each so I can get 4 for roughly the same price as a decent bottle of sauvignon blanc.

Please note: I was not compensated in any way for this post. These are my own opinions. I really like these damn things that much. 


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