Stuffed peppers

On monday I found myself with some time on my hands, and it was a beautiful spring day, so of course I…cleaned out my refrigerator and pantry. (Note: I am the most boring person in the world.)


Turns out being boring and organized comes in handy. I had planned on stuffed peppers for dinner tonight – it’s one of son j’s favorites. We had the peppers, and cleaning out the freezer unearthed a pound of ground bison and a container of unmarked red sauce. I assumed it was tomato sauce. I was wrong. When I opened it up I realized that it was enchilada sauce, so my stuffed peppers went from oregano-laced Italian-esque to cumin and sharp cheddar Southwest-flavored. Eh. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.


 In truth my stuffed peppers aren’t really stuffed. I tend to make it more like a casserole just because it’s easier. When I first made them I would pre-cook the peppers, but I’ve stopped that. It doesn’t seem necessary and it saves a step and some time.

Bell peppers split in half or in quarters, whatever color you like, as many as will fit the pan.

Ground meat, whatever you like, I usually use about 1 pound.

A grain of some sort, tonight I’m using sprouted brown and wild rice blend leftover from  earlier in the week, use as much as you want

(Sometimes I mix in black beans as well)

Tomato sauce of some sort – I’ve used plain tomato sauce, marinara, a can of diced tomatoes, even tomato paste watered down.

Cheese, if you want.

Whatever spices you want – oregano, italian blend, cumin, cajun blend, you name it it will probably work.

Brown the meat and when done add the cooked grain and stir just to combine and heat up with grain.

Add the sauce, make sure you don’t cook it so much that there’s no liquid left, you’ll want a little liquid when you pour it over the peppers.

Pre-heat the oven to 375.

Put cut up peppers in pan and spoon “stuffing” over them. Top with cheese if you like, or if you have a child who really likes things with cheese on them.

Cook until cheese is melted and peppers are tender.

And dinner’s ready to go. I can make this quickly on even the most rushed of school-nights. Packing lunches, signing off on homework, a load of laundry or two, cleaning the house….and this is what’s waiting for me.


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