Whole 30

I’ve been inviting some friends to write for onaisle6 and I’d like to introduce you to my friend (and cousin) Jess.  She’s who I want to be when I grow up! I knew she was doing Whole 30 and I wanted to hear a little about it.

My name is Jess and I have been doing the Whole30 now for 32 days.  I am attempting to do the Whole 30 for 2 months straight.  2 months, anyone can do anything for two months….right?  Well, being that I didn’t end up on the news after the first week, I think this may be possible.  I am currently doing the diet with a few girls I work out with.  Having someone else to bitch and moan to when your kids are eating donuts is helpful.  So yeah, my kids aren’t on this voyage with me and my husband is except when he is drinking beer or eating a sandwich.  But honestly, for the most part he is rolling with me. 

So what is the Whole30?  Well, in short- for 30 days you don’t eat ANY grains, sugars, dairy, alcohol or legumes.  So yeah, pretty much nothing processed.  No sauces or dressings unless you make them yourself (or are very careful reading labels).  Lots of meals with veggies, eggs, meat, and some fruit.  Sounds doable, right? Well, it is but there is a bit of pain too.  First of all, it took me almost a month to do the prep work to get ready to do it.  I clean and purged my fridge, reorganized my pantry so I didn’t throw all the “kid” food away, and started pre-cooking meats to have easy to go meals in the freezer.   I then needed to learn to eat breakfast again.  Not a huge fan of breakfast and I would prefer my coffee with heavy whipping cream and a green smoothie instead.  And as we got prepared to do it, we had the holidays with all the amazing holiday food to eat.  I still have Christmas cookies from my Mom in the freezer because she only makes some of these special treats once a year and even if I wasn’t eating them then or now, I could not throw those away. 

And then the plan was to start on Jan. 1st.  It was a great plan and I did pretty great even as we were on a ski trip with some great friends.  After having a great day on the mountain we ended up have 4 starving kids on our hands and our plan of driving home to make dinner had to be scrapped.  So we ended up at a Mexican restaurant and when the chips and salsa got delivered, my plan to start that day went out the window and the chips flew into my face.  Urgh, not a great start.  So Jan. 2 was my “start” day.  And yeah, the first week is hard.  Really hard.  The 3rd week, we went on another ski trip to Nelson BC.  Vacationing on this diet is totally possible (Steak and salad / eggs and bacon) but not fun.  Now we have made it through one month, and I am feeling pretty great.  But as I write this, my Mom has just called to invite us to her Super bowl party.  I am already getting a plan together of how to eat and what to bring (La Croix sparkling water & veggie tray).  I’ll eat a big meal before I head up so the temptations aren’t so bad…

Wish me luck

It Starts With Food is Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s “basics for whole food/paleo eating”. Even if you don’t want to go full-on eating Paleo it has some great information and recipes.

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