The great vegetarian experiment, part 3.

And we come to the close of the great vegetarian experiment of 2016 with the final recipe of the week – Healthy Mexican Casserole with Roasted Corn and Peppers. Now, as a general rule I try to avoid any recipe that uses the word healthy in the title. I love healthy recipes, but I’m highly suspicious of it being the main feature. However, this recipe sounded so good I decided to overlook that and forge ahead.

I love corn and I love peppers and roasting them made them all that much better.  This is basically a southwestern themed lasagna  – layers of refried beans, tortillas, peppers and corn, all drenched in enchilada sauce and cheese. So much cheesy deliciousness. I think this was son j’s favorite of the whole week.

So what did I do differently? Come on, you should know by now that I am horrible at following directions. Instead of pre-shredded “mexican blend” cheese I used pepper jack. Honestly pre-shredded cheese kinda creeps me out (how does it stay not clumpy?), and the only excitement in my life is wondering if I’m going to remove a digit on the cheese grater. I did pick up the fancy enchilada sauce, read the ingredients, and then picked up the one that was $5 cheaper because it had a better ingredient list. I just don’t see the point of soy in my enchilada sauce, but maybe that’s just me. I will be honest here and say I completely forgot to add the chili and cumin when roasting the corn – so I mixed it in the beans instead. I did not use any jalapeno, but I may next time. Also, I think next time I’m going to try making it with tortilla chips instead of tortillas, because the tortillas get mushy, and it would be good with some crunch. I think just going off the basic recipe you could add whatever you wanted to: tomatoes, rice, quinoa, even some spinach.

This should have fed an army. As it was I barely had enough for the next day. It was that good. I think son j even had seconds, and I’m pretty sure husband J had thirds.

So how did the week turn out? Honestly these recipes were a little more work but that’s mostly because during the workweek I tend to make dinners that I can do on auto-pilot. With a little practice each of these could become second nature – in fact, I’m making the four cheese pasta bake (using only 2 cheeses) tonight, at husband J’s request. I haven’t really managed to step out of my culinary comfort zone here, but that wasn’t the point. The point was trying some new things and learning to make do with less meat throughout the week. That I did manage.


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