The great vegetarian experiment, part 2.

Next up on my week of vegetarian cooking was a four cheese pasta bake. I was pretty excited about his one because it had a couple of my favorite ingredients: frozen spinach, sun dried tomatoes and wine.  This was the recipe I’d mentioned before about having a lot of cheese. I mean a lot. But everything else was quite inexpensive, although you have to sell a kidney for organic frozen spinach.

Try not to die from shock, but I actually had leftover wine that I’d popped in the freezer, so I used that. You’re supposed to thaw the spinach, then squeeze it out, so I used that spinach water as part of the water called for. This wasn’t a really labor or time intensive recipe, and it yielded more than enough for all of us for dinner and leftovers for two days. Also, it make the house smell really good. It’s been gray and rainy here (HURRAH! Finally!!!) and this was a great warm dinner. The husband particularly loved it, and not just because it was vegetarian. When J really likes something he announces to me, “This is going into the rotation.” I assume most people do this: you have the recipes that you or your family love, that are easy to make, and you make them quite a bit. J calls it “the rotation” and for our family we each have a favorite or two that is always in rotation.

A few notes: Next time I’m using waaay less cheese. I just don’t think it needs all of it. There was a lot of asiago and parmesan and those are such strong flavors I’m probably going to cut that in half.  On my shopping trip my store was out of burrata so I just used plain old, but really good, mozzarella. Burrata’s texture kind of creeps me out anyway. Oh, and I did my best to squish all of the dried pasta under the tomato/spinach mix (and I used the called-for size pan), but some of the pasta was a little more al dente than I’d have liked. next time I’ going to add more liquid. I don’t think it will end up soupy, but if it does I can just take the cover off and let it cook off. 

One more to go…


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