The great vegetarian experiment, part 1.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m on the lookout for vegetarian recipes. Husband J would like to eat more vegetarian – or even vegan- meals, but since I’m the main cook in the house it’s my call as to what’s for dinner. But I also try to get some input on the menu so I routinely ask husband J and son j for  recommendations ensuring that we have at least one of their favorites a week.

This week when I was planning out the menu I chose three vegetarian recipes and realized that two of them made enough so that we could have leftovers for the other days. The list for everything seemed pretty long, and quite honestly two of the recipes called for an enormous amount of cheese, which can get spendy. Out of season organic bell peppers? Yeah, those add up fast. But honestly my bill ended up being about $40 less than usual. I didn’t buy any meat and I didn’t buy any wine. Usually when I need to save a little money I just buy everything in smaller amounts: dinner will be salads or pasta with a shredded chicken breast, instead of chicken being the main portion of the plate, or one new york steak sliced, instead of one for each of us.

First up was a sweet potato and peanut soup, the recipe for which I got….from an infographic.  Instead of the canola or olive oil suggested to cook the leek in, I used coconut oil. So 1 leek sauteed in coconut oil, 2 cloves of garlic minced and tossed in, a pinch of cayenne, which ended up being more like 1/8 teaspoon. When that was all appropriately translucent I added 1 peeled and cubed large sweet potato, 32 ounces of low sodium vegetable broth and 1/4 cup smooth peanut butter. Cooked until the sweet potato was tender and then all blended with an immersion blender.

It was time to taste. And then it was time to add WAY more peanut butter, and some salt. Seriously I added about 1/2 cup more peanut butter. I figured since that was the pain source of of protein in this meal that would be ok. It was still a very subtle soup. Although I’m not a fan of ginger I think next time I make this I’ll add some fresh grated ginger.

Most importantly, it was good, and there were leftovers for lunch. Oh, also I felt ridiculously healthy for having such a simple all-veggies and legumes soup.

Stay tuned for more….



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