How to cook a cheap steak

In my internet wanderings this week I found a recipe, or treatment one might more accurately say, for steak. Salted steak.  Since I pretty much completely suck at cooking steak (how does one completely suck at cooking steak? It’s not rocket science! ) I thought I’d give it a try.

So the secret is to salt the steak. This, the author promises, will turn choice to prime in a matter of an hour or so. So I bought the steak, and it was, in fact, a choice rib-eye. I got the salt, out of my cupboard because I always have coarse sea salt on hand. I very carefully salted both sides (one hour of sitting at room temperature covered in salt per inch of steak).



Well, I was going to cook it in the cast iron pan on the stove, but things happened….smoke detectors went off….wine had to be consumed.

When husband J came back from dropping of son j at his grandma’s I told asked him nicely to start the grill. This is California, El Nino or not, we grill year round.

When the timer went off husband J came in with the steak and mournfully announced, “I think I over cooked it.” We let it set and then sliced it up and served it with mixed greens and a homemade blue cheese dressing.

1 tbs blue cheese

4 tbs greek yogurt

1 tbs whole milk

ground black pepper

We sat down, watching Haven, and I tried the steak.

Oh dear God, she was right. The steak was amazing. It was hard not to eat the entire thing in a sitting, but I managed to have some self-restraint and save some for tomorrow morning to have with my scrambled eggs.

All I can say is: follow the instructions, try it, don’t freak out about the amount of salt – it’s not as much as you think.



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