The week ahead

Lately I’ve been more conscious about what we throw out, and how much money we spend. I have no problem paying for organic chicken, but we better use it all. I’ve also had those weeks where I’ve bought food and it sits in the fridge, because I bought it with no plan for it. I’m not one of those cooks who can look at some ingredients and see a big picture – I’m not that creative. Too much in the fridge and the pantry is overwhelming, and I’m trying to use up what we have. So this morning I sat down with my planner and did a little figuring. This is what I came up with:


The coffee and the milk are for my cafe au lait in the mornings. We already have oatmeal and frozen fruit. I also got a loaf of Alvarado Street Sprouted Grain Bread because it makes the best toast. That with some peanut or almond butter (both of which are already on hand) make a great breakfast. The chicken, garlic, potatoes, leek, tomato paste, mushrooms and bacon are for dinner tonight – Coq au Vin. I already have a bottle of wine and the bay leaves, thyme and chicken stock needed. Leftovers should leave me with enough for one or two lunches that I can have with the salad greens.

The eggs are for tomorrow’s quiche which really isn’t a quiche, more of a frittata. I should also have leftovers of that which make a great breakfast or lunch. I have some Canadian bacon on hand which I’ll use instead of ham, and I realized when I got home I forgot the gruyere so I’ll probably just use parmesan but use half what I normally would.  I actually bought the Parmesan Reggiano for Tuesday nights lemon pasta – we have spaghetti noodles on hand and my lemon tree has fruit ready to pick. I’ll serve that with the green beans sautéed with almonds, also in the pantry.  Thursday night is chicken breast with steamed spinach, both of which come courtesy of the freezer, and thursday night will use up the last of the russet potatoes and leeks for soup.

Friday and saturday night haven’t been shopped for yet. I’m hoping to make a pork roast with gravy, so I’ll hold off buying the ingredients until closer to the day – you never know how the week will go, and I’m open to the possibility that I just want to collapse in a heap on friday after work. Saturday night has traditionally been date night out with husband J, but we’ve trying to eat out less lately. Two New York strip steaks, grilled, and a green salad tend to work pretty well. It’s California, so we use that barbecue year round. Then we can settle and watch a not-son-j-appropriate movie. It’s really our only chance to.

At the end of the week we’ll see how it went – how much got used up, how much got thrown away. I’ll learn from any failures, and then try again, try better. Along the way I’ll just happen to have a plate of good food in front of me.




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