Challah french toast with huckleberry syrup

I don’t make breakfasts like this all the time. Usually breakfast, on the weekends, is my go-to cafe au lait followed by oatmeal with almonds or with brown sugar and butter. But it’s the new year and I wanted to do something special before son j heads back to school tomorrow.

For french toast I like to use either brioche bread or challah – turns out the store was out of brioche bread on friday so I saved 3 dollars and got freshly made challah! A little whole milk, an egg, a splash of sugar and into a buttered hot pan they went. Sometimes I like to use, instead of sugar, a little Cointreau. Since I forgot to thaw out my usual unsalted organic butter -when it’s on sale I stock my freezer up- I had to use my Kerrygold, which I save for my coffee at work. (That’s a post for another day).

The combination of challah, whole milk, and egg makes for pretty rich dish, so two slices apiece was plenty. I served it with Huckleberry Syrup and we all started the day in the right frame of mind.


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