To-do for 2016

I’m somewhat ambivalent about newsletters. I sign up for them thinking it will be a good chance to get information, but more often than not I unsubscribe because a. I don’t have time to sort through them, or b. they never tell me anything that I need/want to hear.

Williams-Sonoma Taste blog is an exception. I usually get several posts a day, straight to my inbox, and I am ruthless with them. If the recipe doesn’t immediately grab my attention or contains an ingredient I hate, in to the trash it goes. If it looks promising it goes to Pinterest. If it looks really promising I print it out.

Taste recently did a wrap-up of the most pinned recipes of the year, and yes, it went on to the Pinterest board. In fact, I might have to put a note in July in my Filofax to remember the Heirloom Tomato Tart (with ricotta and basil) just so I don’t forget it. (As I write it’s about 50 degrees, which for central California is freezing – dreaming about summer and a tomato tart with a glass of rose takes my mind off the fact that I can’t feel my toes.)

In the past I have, in lieu of a proper list of resolutions, made other lists. One year my New Year’s list was of the books I would re-read that year. This year I’m forgoing resolutions and am just going to work off of a master to-do list for 2016 and these five things need to be on there. They might, in fact, be the only items that get crossed off this year.



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