How to say “I love you” in spaghetti

Husband J and son j have these 2 weeks off. Having worked my entire adult life in retail I have never, I repeat never, had the holidays off. And I don’t now. I work on my feet, so when I come home at night, particularly now, I’m done. All I want to do is sit on the couch with a glass of wine and then go to bed around 7.

But before leaving work today I called my husband and asked, “How’d you like me to make cajun chicken pasta tonight?”  Yes, he’s got the week off, yes he could (and was planning to) cook, yes I do the bulk of the cooking everyday. I just thought, why not make his, and son j’s, favorite? I cook all the time. I cook when I’ve got plenty of time and when I don’t have work to worry about the next day – that’s easy. Cooking tonight? That’s a stretch.

I once had a boss who, when an unexpected ice storm hit Portland right before Christmas and business just died, got 15 pounds of pure Kona coffee, individually bagged it all into the right amount for full pots, and handed it out to every customer we had. A “Merry Christmas!” from us. It’s easy to be generous when times are good, it’s a bit tougher when they’re not.

Dave’s idea – if the day isn’t going your way, make someone else’s special- has a lot of merit. I’m going to try it out tonight with Cajun Chicken Pasta.  Because you can say “I love you” in spaghetti.


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