“Life is too short to drink cheap vodka”

“Life is too short to drink cheap vodka”

I said this to a total stranger today. Yeah, I need to work on the connection in my brain that says “Don’t say that!”

But it’s true.  I did the math: I could buy three bottles of crap vodka, or one bottle of Ketel One (my poison of choice). I’m going to go with the vodka that doesn’t taste like gasoline, and only have a little. I can make that bottle last quite a while. Despite my love of dry martinis I don’t actually drink that much. When I do, I want it to be worthwhile.

Because life is short. Drink the good vodka. Eat the best apple you can find. Get the lettuce that feels nice and heavy in your hand. Look at the lentils. Examine the spices. A high quality spice can forgive a multitude of sins in the food world.

Make it special. Enjoy it. Drink the good vodka.

This recipe, from the Ketel One website, makes me laugh – it contains no vermouth at all. Which is how I like them. As I’ve gotten older I’ve switched from “dirty with three olives” to “just a twist”. 


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