Roasted fall vegetables with lentils and spices

I’m a meat-and-potatoes girl. I’m also a so-boring-it-hurts, what?-I-like-the-rut-I’m-stuck-in, green-beans-with-everything! girl.

But look at me, all branching out and stuff.

I’ve been trying to find vegetarian recipes (if you have a favorite send it my way!) and I got this one from Sunset magazine. Technically it’s vegan.

At the very least this recipe makes the house smell good. Butternut squash, which I buy pre-cut because I don’t want to kill myself, brussel sprouts, lentil du puy, the standard onion, celery and carrot. Oh, and garam masala, a pretty damn healthy amount (4 1/2 teaspoons worth). Our house smells like garam masala and Christmas tree (it’s actually a pretty good combo).

I made a few tweaks.

Instead of sauteing the carrots, celery and onion in olive oil I used La Tourangelle’s SunCoco – a sunflower and coconut oil blend. It’s good for high heat, it was on sale for 6.98, and it worked great.


The dressing that you coat the butternut squash in called for honey, but I used blackstrap molasses, which honestly worked great with the garam masala and tastes all nice and roast-y. I never would have thought that fresh thyme and dijon mustard would work with blackstrap molasses, but then again …branching out.


And really, anytime I can have brussel sprouts, I’m happy.


In fact, for son j the brussel sprouts are the saving grace. He doesn’t really like butternut squash. I can’t blame him as I’m not particularly fond of it myself, but coating it with molasses seems to help.  And, hey, the kid ate everything I gave him, so we’ll call this a success.





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