Kape, kahvi, qava, kope, ka-feh, qehve, kahawa, coffee

I once gave up coffee for Lent. I lasted 3 days.  Not having coffee threw off my morning routine so much that I was useless. Also, I’m not Catholic so it’s not like I had to or anything anyway. I’ve been drinking coffee since freshman year of high school. I don’t drink it to keep awake (ok, there have been a few times in high school and college…), I drink it because I love it.

I love the fragrance, the anticipation, that first taste in the morning. I love it for all the memories it brings back. On the weekends I wake up about 4 a.m. and head to the kitchen to make myself coffee. Husband J and son j are still sound asleep, and this is the one part of my day that will be silent. I sit on the couch with my coffee and read, or just sit. If I’m lucky it will be raining and I can hear the rain on the roof or maybe the wind chimes that are hanging in the back yard. On work days I wake up at 3:30 and will listen to a guided meditation with a hot cup of coffee in my hand.

Every morning for the past two years I’ve had my coffee in this cup


It was a birthday gift from B at work. I went in to my office the morning of my birthday and it was been decorated with signs and balloons – just filled. It was just so far and above what anyone had ever done and I was so touched. B knew how much I loved my coffee so he got me a big white cup that read “perfect foam, even better day”.

I even love to read about coffee. Ernest Hemingway has some of the best descriptions of coffee in “Garden of Eden”. Likewise for Kate Chopin in “The Awakening” and Kerry Greenwood in the Phryne Fisher books.

I make my coffee in a french press, although it’s not my only option.


I still have my parents Chemex, which I’m not giving up. We use it when we have people over and need to make a large pot. The filters are so expensive you need to decide if you’ll buy them or put your kid through college.

After college I worked in a coffee store for about a year. I then moved on to perfume and it’s remarkable how many similarities there are between the two. Our sense of smell is linked to the limbic system, the “old” part of the brain, that controls our hunger and sex drive as well as our emotions. The smell of coffee makes me feel comforted – I remember hanging out with friends, my parents drinking coffee in the morning, the first dates at cafes that I went on with then-boyfriend-now-husband J. And so I start every day with an anchor, something to tie me to the past and to the sense of security I’ll need.

My love of coffee is a running joke at work, where my team knows that if I’m having a cranky day, or it’s looking like a tough one, a latte from across the street will turn everything around. What they don’t realize is that the coffee’s just the trigger: what turns my day around is them, sharing that with them. That coffee you brought me “just because”, the scent, the taste, has now added you to the memory bank. In the future I’ll make myself that morning cup, sit on my couch and you’ll be one of the happy memories I think on.





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