The best 5 bucks I ever spent

It was a junk shop dressed up as “vintage” but whatever. There were about 20 of them sitting there in all their rusted glory. I spent five dollars (no sales tax in Oregon) and took it home, not exactly sure how I was going to redeem it (ah, the days before Pinterest).

But some scrubbing with steel wool and some time in a hot oven later, well, almost 20 years later at this point, and I still use that cast iron pan nearly every day. My cookware collection includes All-Clad, Le Creuset and Staub, but it’s the five dollar pan I had to rescue from oxidation that I’m keeping with me till the end. Seriously, I’ve already started mentally clearing out the house for when son j goes off to college so we can sell the house and downsize – the pan stays.

I use it for scrambled eggs, I use it for cornbread. Spaghetti sauce, roasted chicken and green beans.

Sure I ogle the Lodge pans when I see them, all shiny and perfectly black and new, but I’ll stick with the one that’s stuck with me.

If you can manage to score a used cast iron pan at a junk shop here are the instructions for restoring it to its former glory. You won’t be sorry. 



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