Doesn’t follow directions well

If we had report cards as adults that’s what mine would say…at least when it comes to recipes. I like to think of them as a guideline (and then I wonder why they don’t work out).

Take last night’s dinner: greek lemon chicken and rice. No, I didn’t measure the lemon juice for the marinade, yes I forgot to put the garlic in the marinade and so put it in when cooking the chicken, no I didn’t use onion, yes I used additional herbs because I didn’t want just oregano, no I didn’t measure the chicken stock, and yes it still turned out great.

I think there’s something wrong with my brain, because I seriously cannot remember what I read in a recipe 3 seconds after I’ve walked away from it. So I wing it a lot. Let me make this perfectly clear: it’s not because I’m “creative” or an “artist”. It’s because I’m lazy and I figure it’s all food so we’re going to eat it.

The world is made up of two kinds of cooks  those who follow the directions and those who don’t. Which are you?


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