The non-cocktail cocktail

I love a good cocktail more than I love new-book release day, but let’s face it, at 47 you (meaning I) probably should cut back a bit. Enter the non-cocktail cocktail. In this case it’s a Cranberry Shrub, courtesy of Self magazine (you can find the recipe here, or on page 50 of the December 2015 issue).

OF COURSE I didn’t actually follow the recipe (I promise to this weekend). Instead of using cranberries, which I am currently hoarding in my freezer like some insane Martha Stewart-obsessed prepper, I used juice. In my defense, I did use 100% juice. I did everything else: bringing to a boil, simmering, cooling. Cranberry juice, white balsamic vinegar, cloves, sugar and water. Topped off with sparkling water.

It tastes delicious. It looks beautiful (the perfect shade of lipgloss-red). It gives me something to hold on to while cooking. Oh, and the vinegar is just enough of a bite to keep you on your toes.

No, it’s not going to make me forget the stresses of the world, but it’ll keep me clear headed enough to deal with them on my own, thank you very much.

Note: You could probably get away with using good apple cider vinegar instead of the white balsamic that is called for in the recipe.


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