Plan B

Plan B is – too tired to cook, so reservations it is. Appropriately enough at…Cafe Plan B. Son j mentioned this week that he remembered the great chicken and fries and could we go there again? Yes, yes we could.

We shared the poulet frites and french onion soup. We did not share my two glasses of the house white. He was cold so I sat next to him with my arm around him trying to warm him up and we all talked about the day, and whether or not the restaurant would panic if a polar bear walked in. He said please and thank you and was generally charming and kind to the waiter. Husband J let me try his celery root soup, and son j and I stole tastes of the epice sauce that the mussels came in. I was rather impressed that he liked it.

Years ago when we lived in Portland we would have friends over on friday night. We would cook, and then sit at the dinner table with friends for hours. The white tablecloth never really recovered – it became a living testament of red wine glass rings and splotches of chicken with garlic or enchiladas.

Nice to see we’re keeping up the tradition.



Cafe Plan B – 126 20th St. Sacramento, CA 95811 916-447-3300



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