We all have our go-to recipes, the ones that manage to get dinner on the table without too much thought or extended effort. Hey, we all have those days when managing to just remember to eat is a victory.

And then sometimes one of those “days” turns into an entire week.

I used up my go-to recipes in the first three days of the week: lemon pasta, sausage, potatoes and green beans, baked chicken. By thursday I was exhausted but I didn’t want take-out. Also, I was nearly completely brain dead and I knew friday (which is the roughest day at my job) was going to be a doozy, so I knew I needed to have a good meal and a good night’s sleep on thursday.

As luck would have it I needed to order tags for the entire meat case, so I stood there (supposed to be working) just staring at steak. We don’t actually eat steak too often, so I thought, why not?

2 New York strip steaks. Some white mushrooms (white or brown mushrooms are the only ones I’ll eat – the others creep me out!). A package of pre-washed arugula. 1 pomegranate. I already had a navel orange, one russet potato and about a cup of red wine left in the decanter.

Sauteed the mushrooms, then cooked the steaks in butter in that pan. Afterward I deglazed the pan with the red wine. The potato was mashed and it was the perfect amount for the three of us. The pomegranate was dealt with, and I managed to not ruin my favorite shirt. Arugula, orange slices and pomegranate seeds topped with champagne vinegar and grapeseed oil. To make life even easier I just had husband J slice the steak int he kitchen so everything could be plated.

Just when you need it the most life throws you a bone: the steak turned out perfectly. PERFECTLY. I am notorious for over-cooking steak, but this was almost bleeding on the inside.



Is it any surprise that a good meal can turn everything around?


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