Chicken soup

Sometimes you just have to have chicken soup. I spent all of last night up with a nine year old who was throwing up every 1-2 hours. He’s better today, but I’m freakin exhausted. So chicken soup it is.

I discovered a year or so ago just how stupidly easy it is to make chicken soup from “practically scratch”. If I don’t have homemade stock in my freezer I just use a 32 ounce box of organic. We always have chicken breasts in the freezer because they are my super-easy busy work week meal. I lucked out and had carrots, celery, garlic and 1/2 a leek (used the other half on coq au vin this week).

Ok, the carrots were a little, shall we say…flexible? But the color was still good and they smelled good, so I totally cheated. Scrubbed them down and cut them and then dunked them in ice water for a couple of minutes. Voila! It’s a miracle! Throw some thyme, a bay leaf and a reeaallly heavy hand of the “italian herb blend” that I pick up in the bulk section of my market and I now have chicken soup on the stove. It was obviously meant to be, because I also had a 1/2 box of farfalle pasta in the pantry, so that’s going to make the kid happy.

It’s the simplest meal imaginable, but one that makes the whole house smell good, and I know it’s good for all of us. Yes, I love my coq au vin, but sometimes you just can’t beat plain old chicken noodle soup.



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